Get more improvement by doing less

The evidence is out there – trying to do too much results in getting less done. This is true in an operational environment where the more work that is started, the more thinly the resources are stretched and output goes down. It is also true in a project environment where the more projects that someone is doing, the more time is given to picking up and putting down tasks and the less time is given to the actual project work.

When it comes to improvement, it is tempting to be over-ambitious and kick off lots of work. You may end up with the illusion of progress as your staff will do just enough to meet deadlines but real results will be elusive.

Don’t do it. Make the hard prioritisation decisions and dedicate the effort to make rapid progress. It will prove more successful to create transformation projects and support them with dedicated resource rather than overload people with too many piecemeal issues.

Demand real improvement and see real results.

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